Design Resources

swfIR (swf Image Replacement) Feb 28, 2007

Using the dark arts of JavaScript and Flash, swfIR gives you the ability to apply an assortment of visual effects to any or all images on your website. Through progressive enhancement, it looks through your page and can easily add some new flavor to standard image styling.

Debugging CSS in Internet Explorer - Part 1 Feb 28, 2007

For web designers and developers, fixing CSS issues in Internet Explorer is a daily chore.This article will help designers and developers to debug CSS issues quicker and make the most of their time.

A List Apart Issue 233 Feb 28, 2007

Flash and standards, the love that dare not speak its name. Plus the silent weight of invalid markup.

Improving Your Process: CSS Techniques Part 1 Feb 28, 2007

Improve your document styling process, Try to control browser defaults, When possible, avoid Box model inconsistencies, Comment your style sheets properly, Organize your style sheets by section, Use a color glossary, Name only that which needs naming, Don’t stop reading…

How to Make Square Corners with CSS Feb 25, 2007

Finally! A solution for creating square corners on your website. You’ve probably read countless tutorials on how to make rounded corners, but a simple, elegant solution for creating square corners has yet to emerge.

iPod CSS Feb 24, 2007

iPod CSS is the first iPod-Navigation on the web. Fully based on CSS and free for non-commercial projects.

Complete CSS Guide: Printing Feb 23, 2007

In CSS2, the page properties are defined by the @page rule, while several new properties help control page breaking. John Allsopp explains in detail, which guidelines you should keep in mind designing print layouts and how you use @page-rules such as page-break-before, Widows, Orphans etc. efficiently.

5 incredibly outdated and annoying techniques in (X)HTML Feb 18, 2007

Legacy code. The mere words strike fear into the most hardened web developer, and with good reason – out of date, poorly factored code that’s been left untouched for years is a nightmare to work with.

Pure CSS Tabs Feb 18, 2007

There you go some pretty neat looking CSS tabs with minimal code that works in all of the browsers. Have fun and style away

Font Finder Feb 17, 2007

Highlight a text element in firefox, this right-click extension shows all of the font properties, no fuss. Way cool, your wish has been granted oh fontographic one.