Description: Going into this project, we wanted to carry the mindest that the web will never move forward, unless we take it there. By always building sites for yesterday's browsers, we are just prolonging the arrival of all the awesome tech that is available now (if you update your browser!). Drawing the line at IE9 and -1 versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox, we take advantage of many of the new HTML5 and CSS3 features. Because CSS3 animations are hardware accelerated, we had to make a trade. First, they just murder the CPU, but in return they also give us really clean and easy to manipulate animations. To counter this, most animations that are "non-critical" are done with javascript, while most of the more fun ones use exclusively CSS3. Some CSS3 selectors such as :nth-child() really make certain complex layouts easy to manage. Also, we are using media queries to tailor the site to iPad and iPhone (both retina and non). HTML5 allowed us to add some really fun things to the site, without adding excess bloat with Flash. Try clicking around the charger with your volume up!
Keywords: Productivity Software
Posted: Feb 15, 2012

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