EmmaActive Image Ads

EmmaActive Image Ads


Description: EmmaActive increases traffic , produces trusted referrals, helps improve brand awareness and allows the crowd to be rewarded for referrals. All this at an extremely low cost of execution. EmmaActive uses an unobtrusive advertising technique called "Embedded Multi-Media Advertising" to place product placement tags on images across the Internet. When users interact with these tags, they are taken to merchant websites. The website where the tag was found, and the crowd sourced user that created the tag are rewarded. If you're anything like me you've no doubt seen someone wearing a nice shirt, or jacket, or hat and asked your self, "Where do I get that?" Perhaps you have experienced this while browsing the Internet or your FaceBook or Flickr accounts. EmmaActive allows people to tag products they see so that others can get them too. For online stores like www.ties.com and www.scarves.com this technology is ground-breaking. Essentially EmmaActive Tags turn every image into a store-front. Now, rather than trying to drive traffic to your site, you can promote your product via imagery which already exists on most sites. The software is like FaceBook photo tagging, but now you can tag products you find images to third party merchants, and get paid when others click them!
Keywords: images, photos, tags, product, placement, ads, advertising, bloggers Internet
Posted: Mar 22, 2011

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