Design Resources

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design Apr 08, 2007

For many web developers, myself included, the most intimidating part of the design process is getting started. Imagine for a moment that you’re sitting at your desk with nothing other than a cup of coffee and the business card of a potential client who needs a basic corporate web site. Usually, a business card speaks volumes about a company’s identity, and could be used as design inspiration.

101 CSS Resources to Add to Your Toolbelt of Awesomeness Apr 05, 2007

All the cool kids are using CSS to separate content from appearance on their sites. Here is 101 resources that will get your feet wet with CSS, teach you some new tricks and techniques, clean your code, and hit the ground running with pre-made layouts.

HundredPercentHeight Apr 05, 2007

Setting a div to fill up the whole window is not as simple as setting its height to 100%. The reason this doesn’t work is that percentages (when used as the unit on height or width; text size is another story) are relative to their parent dimensions. If you haven’t set a height on the parent, the div with 100% height has nothing to base that height off of.

The new Sitescore has landed Apr 03, 2007

It’s finally here. Faster, better featured and with more shades of red than ever before. But they’re not letting just anyone use it yet.

Linux Font Equivalents to Popular Web Typefaces Apr 03, 2007

While the list of Web safe fonts we have come to know and love is relied heavily upon, it can be very beneficial to include similar default Linux fonts in your font-family as well.

Where did my Design go? CSS Naked Day '07 Apr 02, 2007

The idea behind this event is to promote Web Standards. Plain and simple. This includes proper use of (x)html, semantic markup, a good hierarchy structure, and of course, a good ‘ol play on words. It’s time to show off your body.

CSS Tips Mar 30, 2007

1. Color shortcuts and color conversions, 2. CSS bug hunting, 3. Media separation, 4. Center the thing, 5. Anti-aliased PNG files, 6. Quick ‘n’ dirty rounded box corners, 7. Opacity, 8. Cross-browser padding, 9. CSS hacks, 10. Moving layers

CSS practice: Pseudo-namespaces in complex projects Mar 29, 2007

Working in complex projects or in projects that don’t provide a good overview of forthcoming page types and elements may require a defensive strategy for writing CSS. Such a defensive strategy strives for certain security measures to ensure better maintainability, and one tactic is CSS “pseudo-namespaces”.

CSS selectors: the basics Mar 26, 2007

For anyone who has been using CSS for some time, CSS selectors become almost second nature. For those who are new to CSS, however, selectors are powerful tools that allow you to write cleaner, more efficient markup. This article will guide you through some of the basic concepts of CSS selectors.

CSS creme of the month Mar 25, 2007

Every once in a while we try to identify what’s hot in one of our categories and this time we picked CSS since it’s becoming more popular with each day that goes by. More and more web designers become interested in learning every trick. A good way to do it is by good examples which is what this list will try to showcase. The best CSS examples of the month.