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Using the universal selector Jul 03, 2007

The CSS universal selector, denoted by the asterisk (*), selects any element in the document. Using it in combination with other CSS selectors can lead to some powerful results.

CSSVista Jun 25, 2007

CSSVista is a free Windows application for web developers which lets you edit your CSS code live in both Internet Explorer and Firefox simultaneously.

FancyUpload Jun 18, 2007

Swf meets Ajax for beautiful uploads. The release of the long awaited MooTools upload widget thats allows queued multiple-file upload including progress bars. Try it out, the unobtrusive file-input replacement.

Frameworks for Designers Jun 18, 2007

These days, “framework” is quite a buzzword in web development. With JavaScript frameworks like the Yahoo User Interface library, jQuery, and Prototype getting a lot of attention and web application frameworks like Rails and Django getting even more, it seems like everyone is using some kind of framework to build their sites. But what exactly is a framework? And are they only useful to programmers, or can we web designers benefit from the concept, as well?

HTML5 differences from HTML4 Jun 18, 2007

This document describes the differences between HTML4 and HTML5 and provides some of the rationale for the changes. This document may not provide accurate information as the HTML5 specification is still in development. When in doubt, always check the HTML5 specification itself.

Iconize Textlinks with CSS Jun 17, 2007

Links are fun, but sometimes we don’t know where they take us. With this little CSS technique a user can identify a link by its icon.

Tutorial: Form Styling with CSS Jun 14, 2007

Making a form look good isn’t difficult to achieve. All you need to know is how to apply a little CSS. After reading this little article you should be able to create something like this, or even better!

26 Best ways to implement AJAX, CSS and Javascript based Tabs Jun 11, 2007

AJAX Tabs (Rails Redux), Snippet Code for Simple AJAX Tabs with cool CSS Styles, Javascript Tabbar Component with rich API, TabContainer – ASP.NET AJAX Control, Control Tabs, Accessible, unobtrusive JavaScript Tabs with jQuery, Yahoo! UI Library: TabView, Tabtastic (Non AJAX), A Different approach for Tab Menu (Non AJAX), DOMTab – Navigation tabs with CSS and DOMscripting (Non AJAX), Ajax Project – Tabbed Page Interface, effortlessly!: CSS Tab Designer, Light Weight Low Tech CSS Tabs (Non AJAX), The Zapatec Javascript Tabs Demos…

Web Design 101: Backgrounds Jun 04, 2007

The CSS background property allows you to apply background colors and images to elements as required. But there are plenty of strange quirks and bugs that may surprise the unwary developer.

Rediscovering the Button Element Jun 04, 2007

The input with the type=”submit” is either too ugly (Firefox), a little buggy (Internet Explorer) or completely inflexible (Safari).